White chocolate and cranberry sponge cake

During this coronavirus pandemic, I thought I would do some baking and write the recipes on here.

makes one large loaf tin and 12 cupcakes (half for a smaller batch, obviously!)


Bring all ingredients too room temp

· Butter - 250g

· sugar 250g

· flour 250 g

· baking powder - 2 tsp

· orange essence / orange zest - 2 tsp

· milk - 1 tbsp

· eggs - 5

· 150 g cranberries

· 150g white chocolate chips

cream cheese icing;

· cream cheese - 200g

· butter - 50g

· icing sugar - 350g


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Start by creaming your sugar and butter together, this is easiest if you use an electric mixer as you want the butter and sugar to be almost white in colour.

Using your hand will work the same. slowly add your eggs in and be careful not to overbeat, but also not to under beat. As you add the eggs one at a time, beat vigorously until incorporated but not for too long and so on. sieve in your flour fold gently and add milk, cranberries, white chocolate and orange essence.

portion into your tins and bake muffins for 20 mins and loaf for about 40 mins.

Check using the skewer method, place a clean skewer into the cake if it comes out dry then the cake is done.

For the icing, beat the cream cheese and butter together. Once mixed well sieve in your icing sugar. If the mix goes watery add some more icing sugar if it remains a liquidy thickness place in the fridge too cool down and beat again. be careful not too overbeat. often it needs more icing sugar.

Pipe and decorate!




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